About Us

Bonjour! Here at Amelia Paris Salon, in Glen Mills Pa, we love to create. We use our God given talents to look at our clients differently because we have more options than just cutting hair off into styles we can add hair too.  If you need length, thickness, dimension, a signature strand of color Hairdreams Hair Extensions married with our stylists is your answer. We are specialist with hundreds of happy clients who love the hair they now have thanks to this tool. Many of people you see have them and your eye would never know because they look and feel so natural.

Application of extensions is our passion. We love to use up to four colors to match your hair color so beautifully, or use color in the extensions different than your natural for highlights, lowlights or a pop of color to create a master piece. This process can take anywhere from 20 mins to 3 hours depending on how many strands of hair are applied. The bond it's self feels like a small grain of rice. It is comfortable and durable and lasts in the hair from four to six months depending on how quickly your natural hair grows. You can wash your hair, swim, still have your hair colored, use a curling iron or flat iron and do all the fun things you do with natural hair.

We have used Hairdreams to make your dreams a reality. We have used them to make young children happy as they see role models with different colors in their hair, and parents more happy because we can give them the fun colors without dying their adolescent hair. We have used them to truly help people who have a need feel normal and comfortable again. We have used them to fix a bad hair cut, or as a vehicle to grow their own hair. We wear them and we truly love them.

Would you like to learn more? Come in and touch and see for yourself. We can't give you a price over the phone because prices vary due to how many strands we use, your own hair density, and the length you wish to create. Also matching the colors in your own hair can only be done in our salon. We could use any product line out there let us show you why we use the best.

Hair is a journey. Take yours with us at Amelia Paris Salon.